One-Stop Shop: TraderJoe ft 0xMurloc &JaLa


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In the latest episode of GoodWill Yunting, JaLa makes his long awaited return to talk with 0xMurloc and I about the protocol building as much and as hard as just about anyone out there, TraderJoe. We get into a whole range of topics such as how TVL might actually be a liability in some cases, decision making on how to make protocol’s profitable, and how people will ape into just about anything in irresponsible ways. Along with that, we got into some TraderJoe specific features like their unique take on ve tokenomics with veJoe, BankerJoe their lending platform, RocketJoe their liquidity bootstrapping platform, and alpha on their upcoming NFT platform and its release. We get into the nitty gritty of some broader topics such as governance on a chain where people are yield hunting and if it’s smart to pay people to vote. The episode ends talking about the beef with Wonderland and how TraderJoe takes down names of all the haters. This is a killer episode that you don’t want to miss.
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