Europe ‘72: Lille, Luxembourg, Munich


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The Europe ’72 tour’s last week on the Continent includes a free show in Lille (where a Greenpeace co-founder has a far-out experience), a broadcast from the biggest pirate radio station in the world, a famous new sticker for Jerry Garcia’s Stratocaster, & adventures in the Alps.

Guests: Sam Cutler, Steve Parish, Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Mountain Girl, Rick Turner, Rosie McGee, Alan Trist, Candace Brightman, Ben Haller, Kid Jensen, Rod Marining, Philipe Sicard, Daniel Duchene, Thomas Storch, Sebbie Buhler, Mimi, Richard Parkinson, Chris Jones, Bill Giles, Simon Phillips, Uli Teute, David Lemieux, Steve Silberman, Graeme Boone

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