EP #440: Informed Choice Insurance Agency with Andrea Munao


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What Makes Informed Choice Insurance Agency a Good Neighbor...

As an independent insurance agency we represent many of the finest plans in the health and life insurance industry. We’re particular about the quality of our work, so it follows that we’re also very selective about our partnerships. We work with companies whose products or services help us meet our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on our educational foundation to help you best understand your choices. Informed Choice Insurance Agency understands not every person is the same and your insurance shouldn’t be either, so we develop partnerships that allow us to help our clients make an informed decision. To best satisfy the individual needs and wants of Medicare beneficiaries, Informed Choice offers a competitive array of Medicare Supplement, Medicare Prescription Drug, Medicare Advantage plans, life insurance products, long term care, cancer insurance, short term medical insurance, dental and vision plans.

To learn more about Informed Choice Insurance Agency, go to: www.informedchoice.com

Informed Choice Insurance Agency
14421 Metropolis Ave, Ste 101,
Fort Myers, FL 33912

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