Ghost Host Ep. 1: RED EYE (2005) w/Amber Knapp


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Greetings, Ghosts and Ghouls! GMN is back...well...kinda! Abbey is still on maternity leave but Gracie has a "ghost" host this week! Amber Knapp! This week they're talking about Wes Craven's underrated, post-9/11 hit, RED EYE! Check out Amber's horror blog: Thanks to Lily LeBlanc for our theme song: BLM: TLM: Resources: RED EYE: CONTEMPORARY FEMINIST CLASSIC? By Thea Lim The King of Horror’s Secret Feminism By Andi Zeisler Wes Craven’s RED EYE Interview by Andrea Chase Red Eye (2005 American film) Wikipedia: HEAR US OUT: RED EYE IS ONE OF WES CRAVEN'S BEST WORKS, AND WE SHOULD NOT FORGET IT by Joel Meares HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO RED EYE, WES CRAVEN'S UNDERAPPRECIATED GEM by Carly Lane ‘Red Eye’: Wes Craven’s Overlooked High-Altitude Thriller Turns 15 by Meagan Navarro Red Eye: TV Tropes Why Red Eye Is One Of Wes Craven’s Best Movies by Matt Jamieson CABIN PRESSURE : WES CRAVEN’S ‘RED EYE’ by Neil Young Strictly Coach Class: Red-Eye by Robbie Freeling Why Wes Craven Mattered to Horror Fans by Greg Cwik A Salute to Horror Master Wes Craven’s Lesser-Known Films by Vrai Kaiser My Business Is All about You- The 15th Anniversary of Red Eye In light of the Hollywood abuse stories, Red Eye deserves a second look by Rachel Montpelier Terror in the Air! (Airplane Horror and Terror Films) -- IMDb list Terror in the Air! (Airplane Horror and Terror films) - IMDb Passengers Behaving Badly: The Real Reason We Freak Out on Planes Passengers behaving badly: The real reason we freak out on planes. - The Washington Post Plane Crashes Stroke Psyche's Deepest Fears Plane Crashes Stoke Psyche's Deepest Fears - Los Angeles Times ( List of Entertainment Affected by the September 11 Attacks List of entertainment affected by the September 11 attacks - Wikipedia Four Forms of Terrorism: Horror, Dystopia, Thriller and Noir Four Forms of Terrorism: Horror, Dystopia, Thriller, and Noir ( How Terrorism Modified The Horror Movies (PDF) How terrorism modifed the horror movies? (

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