Ep. 94: CHERRY FALLS (2000) - The Poisonous Pit


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You haven't seen, let alone heard of the film Cherry Falls (2000)? Well, you're in for a treat! This is arguably the LAST 90s TEEN SLASHER movie! Its the end of an era and we're here to talk about tropes turned on their heads, virginity, asexuality, and kissing your mom on the goddamn lips (WTF!!!??) Trigger warnings: violence, sex, sexual language, rape, murder, child abuse, (possible ) transphobia, pedophilia, school shootings, and incest. Visit Our Website(s): https://linktr.ee/goodmourningnancy Buy Cherry Falls (2000) from Shout Factory: https://tinyurl.com/bdd6jfej BLM & TLM: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ & translifeline.org/donate/ Listen to Horror Queers: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/horror-queers/id1449041559 Resources: The Real Story Behind ‘Cherry Falls’ by Trace Thurman https://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/340 0027/story-behind-cherry-falls/ WHY CHERRY FALLS AND ITS FINAL GIRL ARE STILL RELEVANT NEARLY 20 YEARS LATER By Emma Fraser https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/why-cherry-falls-and-its-final-girl-are-still-relevant-nearly-20-years-later?amp Best Horror Movie You Never Saw: Cherry Falls (2000) by Eric Walkuski https://www.joblo.com/best-horror-movie-you-never-saw-cherry-falls-2000/amp/ The Butchered Remains of CHERRY FALLS (2000) by Paul Ferrell https://scriptophobic.ca/2020/07/07/written-in-blood-cherry-falls/ The Progressive Feminism of 90s Slasher Films Lives on Today by Adam White https://i-d.vice.com/amp/en_uk/article/ywe8wg/the-progressive-feminism-of-90s-slasher-films-lives-on-today A Case Study Into Horror: Structuralism and Feminism in Horror Films by Georgina Howlett http://themediaadventures.blogspot.com/2015/01/a-case-study-into-horror.html?m=1 "Hymen Holocaust": 'Cherry Falls' and the Myth of the Sacred Virgin by Amy Roberts https://clarissaexplainsfa.com/blog/2019/2/23/cherry-falls-sex-equals-death-horror-trope REEL GENDER: EXAMINING THE POLITICS OF TRANS IMAGES IN FILM AND MEDIA by Joelle Ruby Ryan https://etd.ohiolink.edu/apexprod/rws_etd/send_file/send?accession=bgsu1245709749 A Timeline of Transgender Horror by Logan Ashley Kisner https://aninjusticemag.com/a-timeline-of-transgender-horror-90d707b71e2d Why Now is the Time to Revisit Cherry Falls by Nat Brehmer https://wickedhorror.com/features/retrospectives/why-now-is-the-time-to-revisit-cherry-falls/ How Cherry Falls Became The Most Expensive Made For TV Horror Movie Ever by Matt Morrison https://screenrant.com/cherry-falls-movie-controversy-cost-budget-explained/amp/ The Past Comes Back to Haunt Cherry Falls (2000) by Kim Morrison https://www.ghoulsmagazine.com/articles/mother-of-fears-column-cherry-falls-2000 https://www.morbidmuch.com/2015/05/a-forgotten-slasher-cherry-falls.html?m=1 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_Falls

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