The Importance of Having a Strategic Financial Partner - David Richter


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Going Long Podcast Episode 179: The Importance of Having a Strategic Financial Partner

In the conversation with today’s guest, David Richter, you’ll learn the following:

  • [00:20 - 04:20] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [04:20 - 08:04] Guest introduction and first questions.
  • [08:04 - 18:37] The backstory and decisions made that led David to this point in his journey.
  • [18:37 -20:50] Why David wanted to not only learn about Real Estate investing but also about running a business.
  • [20:50 - 25:22] Why David thinks some people invest long distance and outside of their backyard in Real Assets, instead of only actively investing in their local market locations.
  • [25:22 - 32:26] David explains what a C.F.O. is, why you need to know about them and how they will bring you huge value.
  • [32:26 - 36:52] How to manage the transition to having a C.F.O. as a new member of your team.
  • [36:52 - 40:20] Who the typical client is that comes to David looking for a C.F.O.

Here’s what David shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • Where in the world David is based currently: St. Cloud, Florida.
  • The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Had a Christmas holiday Zoom-call party with his team!
  • Favourite European City: Rome, Italy.
  • A mistake that David would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Make profit a habit inside of your business!
  • Book Recommendations: The Road Less Stupid, by Keith J. Cunningham.

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