Going Linux #430 · Listener Feedback


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Bill likes his new job. We received a lot of feedback from listeners trying Linux for the first time.

Episode Time Stamps
00:00 Going Linux #430 · Listener Feedback
01:02 Bill's new job - thanks to Linux and Open Source
04:07 Troy: What was that application again?
06:41 David: LVMs and Lux encryption
07:42 Jason: Which Linux distribution should I use for my budget laptop?
22:32 Sylvain: My experience as a new Linux user
29:01 Carl: Getting started with Ubuntu MATE
31:22 David: My experience with Pop_OS!
38:48 Lyman: Show idea and a request
44:35 goinglinux.com, goinglinux@gmail.com, +1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe
45:36 End


1. Going Linux #430 · Listener Feedback (00:00:00)

2. Bill's new job - thanks to Linux and Open Source (00:01:02)

3. Troy: What was that application again? (00:04:07)

4. David: LVMs and Lux encryption (00:06:41)

5. Jason: Which Linux distribution should I use for my budget laptop? (00:07:42)

6. Sylvain: My experience as a new Linux user (00:22:32)

7. Carl: Getting started with Ubuntu MATE (00:29:01)

8. David: My experience with Pop_OS! (00:31:22)

9. Lyman: Show idea and a request (00:38:48)

10. goinglinux.com, goinglinux@gmail.com, +1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe (00:44:35)

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