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Po-Shen Loh is the Founder and CEO of Expii, a free personalized learning website with thousands of math and science lessons.

Po-Shen Loh is a social entrepreneur and inventor, working across the spectrum of mathematics, education, and healthcare, all around the world. He is a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. He has also pioneered a scalable way to learn challenging math live online and a new way to control pandemics by leveraging self-interest.

Expii supports crowdsourced lessons to encourage peer to peer learning. It is an online learning platform that lets students choose how to learn high school level math and science by providing multiple learning styles, and encourages students to learn in their own way.

In this episode, Aaron and Po-Shen Loh talk about why conventional remote classes fail, how he creates win-win for everyone, and the business model of education.

Po-Shen Loh’s Challenge: Take the uncomfortable step of learning a new skill.

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