S2 Ep15: Let's Talk Male Body Image


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THERE'S FINALLY A BOY IN THE ROOM! We know how much diet culture has messed with us, but we've never actually spoken to a man about how it's impacted them*. So in this episode we're chatting to Laura's good friend and Masterchef The Professionals star, Aaron Middleton. There's sooooo much about lad dynamics that we just don't get, so it's a FASCINATING insight into all things banter/ripping into your mates, talking to your friends about body image, and our different experiences with diet culture.
*obviously Aaron can't talk for literally all men (imagine how scary it'd be to have all men ever on the pod ?!) and we can't talk for all women so this is only one perspective and isn't representative of all men/male friendship groups! We also don't talk about the experience of NB or trans people because we can't speak to those, but would love to cover that with guests in future xx

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