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What is a charm? What are troll formulae? How are narrative charms used to hex and heal? Esotericist and practitioner Carl Nordblom goes deep and shares about this Scandinavian tradition recorded in his tome from Hadean Press entitled “Historiola: The Power of Narrative Charms.” Carl also answers questions from Glitch Bottle supporters on Patreon! Hope you enjoy Carl as much as I do!
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► ✅ Get your copy of Carl’s book “Historiola: The Power of Narrative Charms” - https://www.hadeanpress.com/shop/historiola-the-power-of-narrative-charms
► ✅ Check out The ‘Root Doctor’ website Carl mentions: http://therootdoctor.se
► ✅‘Trolldom’ by Johannes Bjorn Gardback - http://www.luckymojo.com/trolldom.html
► ✅’Svartkonstböcker: A Compendium of the Swedish Black Art Book Tradition’ by Dr Thomas K Johnson - https://revelore.press/product/svartkonstbocker-a-compendium-swedish-black-art-book-tradition/
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