Glimpses of God and Reality - How To Integrate Psychedelic Experiences of Sacredness


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We are a group that took psychedelics in the 1960s and then formed a community of several thousand to explore how to integrate those experiences of sacredness into our everyday life.

Our podcast is about psychedelic experiences that were profoundly sacred. It is about how to successfully integrate those types of experiences into everyday life with the goal of making everyday life as fulfilling and as balanced as possible.

First we look at the top scientific research about why you have sacred experiences with psychedelics. That research shows how filters in your brain change on psychedelics, and at how sacred experiences arise when that filtering is most changed.

Next you will hear stories from people who have been successfully integrating psychedelic experiences of sacredness now for many decades. Their stories provide useful insights into how you too can expand sacredness in your everyday life.

And finally, the podcast looks at how having a sacred experience does not in itself make you a spiritual person. We’ll be looking at how becoming a spiritual person is about continually doing your inner work as well as doing the outer work of making the world a better place for everyone.

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