29. Spotlight : with James Victore // How To Express Creativity & Have A Damn Opinion


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In this Spotlight feature, I’m so pumped + excited for you to meet today’s incredible guest, James Victore!

James Victore is an author, artist, mentor, and designer to brave clients.
As a creative thought leader James is a sought after speaker known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about creativity and its place in the world. He teaches how to illuminate your individual gifts in order to find clarity and purpose. His work is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.
In this episode, we'll be talking about things like creativity, sharing your voice, and having a damn opinion! And as always we’ll tie in kindness, giving back, and all around being a good person…
Quick reminder //
this is going to be a longer episode as all my spotlight features are.

So grab your fav beverage of choice, a cup of coffee or maybe a little something stronger cuz, there’s no holding back today! And you might want to get something to take notes on and then buckle up...cuz, as James always says...--- CLASS IS IN SESSION!

Are you ready?! Let's GO!

:) gia
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