Tips for Hosting Families with Pets on Airbnb—with Rachel Gainsbrugh


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Savvy short-term rental hosts have pivoted in the last 18 months, shifting their business model to provide family-friendly accommodations that welcome kids and pets for long-term stays.

So, what does it look like to set up an Airbnb that works for large families and their furry friends?

Legends X Alum Rachel Gainsbrugh is the Cofounder of Short Term Gems and the Chief-of-Staff at All Pocono Rentals. She also works as a full-time pharmacist and has a husband, three dogs and two kids!

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Rachel joins me to share her top tips for hosting families with pets, explaining how she pivoted the Short Term Gems brand to cater to displaced homeowners.

She offers advice on dealing with insurance companies and describes how to adjust the guest experience for families who are there because something happened to their home.

Listen in for Rachel’s #1 lesson learned from participating in Legends X and learn how to provide a 5-star guest experience for pets—and the people who love them.

Topics Covered

How Rachel hosts and works full time

  • Leverage resources to delegate, outsource
  • Only do revenue-generating activities

Rachel’s Short Term Gems luxury brand

  • Furnished accommodations for travelers
  • Landlord owners, arbitrage and cohosting

Rachel’s pivot to a niche guest avatar

  • Host displaced homeowners (floods, fires)
  • Large families with kids and pets

How Rachel caters to large, displaced families

  • Quality cookware, fully stocked kitchen
  • Recreation station for kids
  • Shift tone to provide help and support

Rachel’s tips for dealing with insurance companies

  • Ask for deposit and have guest sign lease
  • Home value impacts STR stay allocation
  • Consider hotel rate, cost of boarding pets

What amenities you might provide for pets

  • Custom linens and pet beds
  • Doggie doors

Rachel’s #1 lesson learned from Legends X

  • Network = net worth
  • Share resources in accountability pod

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