Episode 223 - New Study: Increase Strength, Testosterone, and Decrease Body Fat % By Eating This!


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This week I discuss a 12 week study comparing 30 trained males who consumed Egg Whites vs. Whole Egg consumption after 12 weeks of resistance training.

This study looked at knee extensor muscle mass, lean body mass and body fat percentage, muscular strength (knee extension, handgrip strength), Wingate (cycle ergometer), and serum concentrations of hormones. It concluded that postexercise whole egg ingestion increases knee extension and handgrip strength, testosterone, and reduces body fat percentage compared with postexercise egg white ingestion, despite no group differences in muscle mass, in resistance-trained young males.

Whole egg consumption may be preferable during resistance trained programs geared toward the improvement of muscular strength and body fat percentage.

No surprise here! Add those egg yolks to your routine if you are looking to build strength, increase testosterone, and decrease body fat percentage!

Have a great day!

Episode Resources: https://europepmc.org/article/MED/33306586

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