18. Mindset: Back to the Basics


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In this episode, I share one of my personal stories of adversity, mindset, and triumph. At the Division 1 women’s college basketball level, the three-point shot is one of the most important of the game. In high school, I had practiced for years and years as a jump-shooter and then during my freshman season at Illinois, a mental block took over and I couldn’t hit the rim from behind the three point line!

I knew I had to fix my shot to become a top player - but how? A couple years later, the moment came where it was time to fix my shot once and for all - and I went back to the basics. I repeated the mantra form that I learned when I was six-years-old: toe, knee, elbow, ball. Slowly but surely, I retrained my entire body to shoot with a cohesive, aligned flow.

Listen to today’s episode to hear the backstory of one of my favorite and frequent mindset practices of going back to the basics.

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Topics Covered:

  • What I do when I'm up against something that feels insurmountable or too complicated
  • Simple ways to take the pressure off and get out of your head
  • The incredible outcomes of going back to basics during my basketball career
  • Learning to pivot when your ideal plan gets set off course

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