Making Healthy Eating Simple and Stepping into Feminine Energy with Gillean Barkyoumb of Millenial Nutrition


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What’s for dinner? If you’re like today's guest, hearing that question drives you crazy! We’re excited to have nutritionist Gillean Barkyoumb on the podcast to share how she makes healthy eating easier as a busy mom and entrepreneur herself! With all the hats we wear as women we can naturally tap into our masculine energy to get things done. In this episode, Britt and Gillean share ways you can step into your feminine energy and not only crush your to-do list, but do it in a way that feels good and doesn’t deplete your energy. We talk about the importance of fun often on this podcast, this episode is no exception as we share ways we recharge and remind ourselves of the power of feminine energy!

01:00 What is the What’s for Dinner Club?

03:00 Solving your own problem as an entrepreneur and making dinner easier!

05:40 Have you tried grocery delivery yet?

08:30 Other ways Gillean is growing her business by working with brands.

14:00 The power of stepping into our feminine energy.

16:30 What am I doing to infuse more fun into my life?

20:00 What are some ways you remind yourself to step into your feminine energy?

25:00 Taking time to go to Sedona or wherever you feel most connected to your feminine energy!

28:40 Where can we find out more about your recipes and what you have coming up next?

30:00 Try something new and learn from your audience what they want to see or learn from you!

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