0492 – 15 - Pausing


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2022.05.07 – 0492 – 15 - Pausing

15 - Pausing

Put pauses in different places - as you ‘search’ for the right word or phrase (just don’t make it too often). These may be silent, or vocalised (“errr”). I have heard (but been unable to verify) that Ira Glass the producer/presenter of the podcast “This American Life”, does not use commas or full stops/periods in his scripts … he uses ellipses. When you listen to him, he sounds as though he is talking and yet he’s actually reading … phrase to phrase to phrase. And with ellipses you can decide how long the pause should be: a beat, a pregnant pause or suspension before the final phrase…

If it sounds as though you are reading an item, you are doing it wrong. You should sound as though you are telling a friend something of interest.

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