0490 – 13 - Conversational Intonation


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2022.05.05 – 0490 – 13 - Conversational Intonation

13 - Conversational Intonation

Flattening out your intonation (but keeping it in the correct place) will, usually make your sound more conversational and move away from the ‘announcery sound’, or as though you’re on stage or to a room full of people. Look back at the section when I brought you the barbecue story and how you change your intonation and loudness levels depending on who you are talking to, how familiar you are with them, how many people there, where they are in relationship to you, and the subject matter.

As we saw before, we often either going up at the end of a sentence (to indicate a question or hesitancy or an incomplete thought), or down (showing certainty and finality). But in a conversational read, your sentence inflection at the end is somewhere right in between those. It's in the middle: "It's the best floor mop on the market."

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