0486 – A ‘Stream Of Consciousness’


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2022.05.01 – 0486 – A ‘Stream Of Consciousness’

Ad-libbing is a way to inject some personality into a read, to humanise it. You’re not supposed to be just releasing the words, you are meant to be like the listener, so (if allowed) make the script your own, different and interesting. In the ‘stream of consciousness’ that makes a script sound conversational, maybe:

· Chuckle - as though something just occurred to you “Pfff – remember when you were as young as your grandkids are now…?”

· Ponder – if you’re confused by something – “Eh, why is it that with more tech, the world just seems to get more complicated?”

· Laugh – “and you know what, with this medication, life feels yeahhhhh!, great again!

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