0483 – Eliminate Banality and Formality


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2022.04.28 – 0483 – Eliminate Banality and Formality

Obviously, the kind of words you use will differ depending on your audience – another reason why you should have your target demographic front of mind. If someone feels left out of the conversation, confused by the formal phrases or technical terms, they’ll feel left out and will turn off.

Using unnecessary jargon doesn’t make you sound smart, it makes your listeners feel excluded.

So, eliminate banality, formality unnatural business-speak wherever you can. You want good writing that feels real. Formal writing creates a barrier between your idea and the audience, conversational writing (surprise!) can more easily lend itself to a conversational reading.

The construction of the sentence should be conversational, not just in using less-formal words, but also without clauses, which we don’t normally use when speaking ‘normally and naturally.

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