IMAGO RELATIONSHIP THERAPY + INTIMACY - Robert Kasmer - 2010.04.10 - Show #478


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Question about choosing a mate

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If mis-diagnosis is the case - how to approach treatment.

Myth: We do not need affection, love and appreciation

Question: Do you feel loved by your wife?

Relationship: Personal + Psychological Growth

Changes in 25 years of work

Start Track 6: 1:36:33

Question about how to end a relationship (that is manipulative)

  • What part of me is afraid to end this??
  • You feel resentment for doing things you didn't want to do...

Marital Maintenance:

  • Daily appreciation
  • Struggles with reunions and departures
  • Full body Hug - releases certain hormones (6 seconds 6 times per day)

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