19TH ANNIVERSARY - Jacobus Hollewijn - 7.06.2019 - Show #906


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Track 1:


Reflecting on 19 years

Start Track 2: 22:16

Track 2:

Discussing Eye Health

Structure of the eye and its functions

Call about Astigmatism

Start Track 3: 43:36

Track 3:

Explaining Astigmatism from previous caller

Call about freedom of the show and carrot juice

Continuation of eye health

Start Track 4: 1:03:52

Track 4:

Call from my son and grandchildren

Continuation about eyes & carotenoids

Start Track 5: 1:23:54

Track 5:

What is intuitive medicine/healing?

Importance of movement/exercise at any age discussion

Start Track 6: 1:42:43

Track 6:

Call about medical intuitive

Continuation of discussion on importance of movement/exercise

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