ALZHEIMER’S & COGNITIVE DECLINE - Hillary Lampers & Bronwyn Bacon - 2018.12.08 - Show #878


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Track 1:

Introductions to Hillary and Bronwyn

What tickled their interest?

What are the effects on a family/stress

Help our young children to become aware of concussions from playing sports

  • certain chemicals are released

CTE scans

American Football

Progression for the rest of us:

  • Frontal Lobe Plagues

Cleveland Browns Player

  • with player build up in frontal lobe - emotional instability

Start Track 2: 20:36

Track 2:

Call about the possible effects of radio waves, cellphones, and diet

Discussion about statistics and how important lifestyle is

  • Two current prescription drugs

36 different causes for Alzheimer’s

Hillary discusses her grandmother and grandfather both dying from Alzheimer’s when there were no cellphones in the 50’s-70’s

  • Different Factors

Start Track 3: 38:08

Track 3:

Recap of the show from the first hour

Information about Elevate Health and Hillary & Bronwyn

Lead into importance of all elements of lifestyle and cognoscopy

Bronwyn talks about Dale Bredesen

  • “The End of Alzheimer’s” book he wrote

Hillary talks about cognoscopy to find your baseline

  • Also explained in the book

APOE = Certain Gene

  • #2-3-4- combination of Mom/Dad Gene
  • The 3-3 combination has a 9% chance of developing
  • 4-3 has 30% chance
  • 4-4 has 80-90% chance of developing Alzheimer’s

APOE-2 risk

APOE = Lipoprotein that carries fat out of the brain

Start Track 4: 55:29

Track 4:

Audio Clip with Dale Bredesen about possible causes of Alzheimer’s

Plagues - not destructive response

  • more protective response

Brain reaction to 5 different insults

1.) anything causing inflammation - Type 1 Alzeimer’s

2.) same effect of APP because of neurotrophic factors (hormones) - Type 2 Alzheimer’s Cold Atrophic Alzheimer’s

3.) Binds Metals and related events

  • Copper
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Binding Aluminum

4.) Vascular Type

5.) Traumatic Type

Molecule that gives rise to amyloid (APP)

  • synapto plastic actions
  • synapto clastic actions

Everyone with Alzheimer’s is synapto clastic

Hillary discusses statistics in women with hysterectomy

  • 40% increased risk


  • Process
  • Cost

Start Track 5: 1:17:49

Track 5:


  • Risks
  • Possible Solutions

Call about Pollution in Bozeman

  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Vaccines

Hillary discusses why diet is so important

  • specific supplements
  • detox

Problems with Bromine (in bread), Fluorine (in water) etc.

Hillary discusses what CAN you change and DO THAT FIRST!

Call about ADD versus cognitive decline

Start Track 6: 1:40:20

Track 6:

Long engaging call and discussion on caller’s wife dying of Alzheimer’s & dealing with prostate cancer

Keto-flex diet

  • it’s not that hard to follow - but the hardest part is are you in ketosis
  • Get ketones monitored
  • More veggies, moderate protein, high fat & low starches

no food for 12 hours

don’t eat 3 hours before bed

The more copies of APOE you have the longer you should fast

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