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Track 1:


Why talk about Estrogens today?

Wikipedia article about estrogens

  • Explaining 4 types
  • When and where are they produced?
  • What time during woman's life?
  • Which hormones does the ovary make?
  • Men need to know their
    • total testosterone
    • free testosterone
    • estradiol
    • DHEA's

Start Track 2: 19:11

Track 2:

Call about what foods to avoid for men to gain during workouts

Dr. Josh Axe video

  • top 5 high estrogen foods to avoid
    • soy
    • sugar
    • processed milks
    • processed meats
    • plastics (in bottles/teflon)
    • detoxing body from estrogens

Jacobus continues to explain more about this talk by Josh Axe.

  • Sugars in the body
  • Hormones used in cattle and dairy industry
  • perhaps grassfed (100%)
  • PBA in plastics - replacement for BPA are often dangerous as well
  • People dumping batteries and electronics in landfill
  • Large effects on wildlife dependent on rivers

Start Track 3: 40:20

Track 3:

Quick Recap of hour 1 and highlights

What Is Estrogen

  • recaps some things already mentioned and digs deeper into estrogen benefits in women

Start Track 4: 58:52

Track 4:

Call about major study by Women's Health Initiative which showed dangers of too much estrogens

  • heart disease
  • strokes
  • blood clots
  • cancers
  • too much surgery

Call about diabetes treatments being very expensive

  • prevention is a better approach

NPR playing of Estrogens in plastics and bottles BPA and others

Start Track 5: 1:18:21

Track 5:

Explaining estrogen dominance

Estrogen in both female cancers and prostate cancers

Start Track 6: 1:37:37

Track 6:

Benefits of estrogens.

History of estrogens

Xeno-estrogens effects on environment

  • cosmetics

Early puberty cases

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