MEDICAL MARIJUANA, VIOLENCE & LIVER DISORDERS - Jacobus Hollewijn - 03.23.2019 - Show #893


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Track 1:

Understanding WHY people get sick

Is there a body/mind connection?

What are all the "symptoms" trying to tell us?

People who have no fear

Vagus Nerve

Start Track 2: 21:36

Track 2:

Medical Marijuana

Start Track 3: 44:13

Track 3:

Medical Marijuana

Start Track 4: 1:01:32

Track 4:

Medical Marijuana

Start Track 5: 1:23:14

Track 5:

Finishing article and discussion on "Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence"

Call about vaccinations

Start Track 6: 1:43:43

Track 6:

Liver Disorders

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