IMMUNOTHERAPY - Gary Stoner - 02.16.2019 - Show #888


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Track 1:

Introduction to Gary Stoner

Start discussion on immunotherapy

  • Inflammatory Responses

Start Track 2: 23:49

Track 2:

Inflammation both acute and chronic

  • How does it manifest itself in the body/mind/emotions

Inflammation can lead to cancer

  • Cytokines
  • Chemokines
  • Proliferate cancer cells
  • White Blood Cells

Inflammation stimulates cancer cell growth

Start Track 3: 46:49

Track 3:


Late 1800's in NY - hospital - Dr. Cooler

  • Would inject streptococcus bacteria straight into the tumor
  • He didn't document everything well according to colleagues
  • After his death, his daughter discovered boxes of reports about every patient - she published them
  • 12%-15% of patients survived

Early 20th Century - scientists tried that with viruses

Gary explained research with viruses in vitro

Immunotherapy - using antibodies or using white blood cells

Basics of Immunotherapy

  • Antibody is y-shaped (can also bind to proteins - compliment proteins)
  • FC-Fragment binds to lymphocytes

Start Track 4: 1:07:59

Track 4:

Text about x-rays and cancer

  • Gary doesn't know enough of the data

Text about resetting immune system by 72 fasting

  • discussion about bacteria + gut health
  • some gut bacteria are pro-inflammatory

Why are we often worried about lymph glands?

Top 3 Cancers

  • Most Devastating: Lung Cancer
  • Most Prevalent: Skin Cancer/ Melanoma
  • Women: Lung, Breast
  • Men: Lung, Prostate, Colon
  • Stomach Cancer: Heliobacteri Phylorn
    • affecting epithelium layer in stomach causing cancer
    • 30%-40% of Americans
    • 50% rest of world

Start Track 5: 1:30:19

Track 5:

Gary talks about immunotherapy

at first for leukemia's and lymphoma's

Cell-Medicated Killing: Dendritic Cell Therapy

Gary Explains Research on T-Lymphocytes

Start Track 6: 1:50:12

Track 6:

Kristin Campbell's therapy for MS in Israel

Why don't we do that in cancer therapy

Gary explains that we are changing out dietary approach in research today

Who performs CAR-T-cell therapy and how it works.

  • Still very much in its infancy
  • Dendritic also - just like CAR-T: much promising research. But not FDA approved yet.

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