S16 Ep1174: Xbox Unleashed Event 20th Anniversary


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Danny and his brother, Nano discussion about the 20th anniversary of the 48hrs competition event, Xbox Unleashed that took place in NYC on November 2, 2001. Behind the scenes stories! #Xbox20
Original Press release about the event:
On Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 in New York and Los Angeles, the Xbox team from Microsoft Corp. will present Xbox Unleashed, a 48-hour continuous gameplay marathon pitting gamers against one another in intense head-to-head competition. In addition to providing gamers with the chance to get their hands on the Xbox video game system and Xbox games before the system is available at retail, Xbox Unleashed will allow gamers to compete in full public view and show the world what serious gameplay is all about.
The 48-hour marathon will test participants’ skills on many of the exhilarating and diverse Xbox games that will be available at launch, including
“Amped™ : Freestyle Snowboarding,” “Fuzion Frenzy™ ,” “Halo™ ”
“Project Gotham Racing™ ”
from Microsoft Game Studios;
“DOA3™ ”
from Tecmo;
“Cel Damage”
from Electronic Arts;
“NASCAR® Heat 2002”
from Infogrames; and
“Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater™ 2x” from Activision® . Cumulative scores for each competitor will be tracked, and at the end of the marathon the gamer with the most points in each location will be crowned the Ultimate Xbox Gamer.

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