How to Install Company Values & Culture | Philosophy Friday #21


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Stoffer Touborg was a lead game designer on Eve Online at CCP, led Wild Rift at Riot, and currently acts as Executive Producer on Bitcraft Online for Clockwork Labs.

Stoffer is one of the most thoughtful game industry executives I know, and I regularly ask Stoffer for advice on leadership, organizational principles, and recruiting.

Today we talk about not just about coming up with a desired set of company values and culture, but how to actually implement or install these within a company.


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0:00 Intro

2:13 Stoffer Touborg Background

3:07 Definition of Company Culture and Warning for New Employees

6:06 Values vs. Culture Definition

9:10 Employees Need to Confirm Cultural Fit, Values Need to be Good, Given Context, and Fair

14:16 Installing Values/Culture in a Company, Communication vs. Implementation

16:47 Values Manifestation Board 20:45 Why is Company Culture Critical? Sometimes Values Don't Matter

25:40 How to Deal with Employee Cultural Misalignment

31:34 Executive Accountability for Culture Mismatches

32:15 Recruiting for Culture Fit 36:30 How to Deal with Culture Exceptions for a Specific Need - "The Dennis Rodman Rule"


Stoffer Touborg:

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