Should the Knicks go all-in for Donovan Mitchell? What happens next with Russell Westbrook? with Fred Katz


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This episode is focused on two topics: Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook. Fred Katz has covered both of these topics extensively, so he joins to dive in. First, we chat about Mitchell and how the Jazz-Knicks trade talks are probably a bit more complicated than they would appear on first glance. Then, we focus on a simple question: should the Knicks be willing to go all-in for Mitchell?

Our second topic is Russell Westbrook, a fascinating conversation about a player who, for my money, has been the most interesting NBA player of his era. Inscrutable and non-communicative, yet undeniably productive, Russ has now been moved around a ton and just recently parted ways with his long-time agent. Where does Russ's career go from here? Should it continue with the Lakers, or go on elsewhere?

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