Ep 248 - No Magic Beans


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Do you remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Government contracting often feels just like this story. There are a lot of people struggling to grow their businesses while others seem to thrive. What's the secret? Do those achieving success know something you don't? Are they just lucky? Do they have some sort of "magic beans" that you don't have? The short answer is no. There are no magic beans. There are no secrets. There are some fundamentals that you are either unaware of or aren't executing properly and today I'm going to review seven of those principles with you to help you accelerate your growth. ----- Schedule a call with Michael: https://calendly.com/michaellejeune/govconstrategysession ----- Federal Access is helping Government Contractors win more contracts. It can help you too. Here's a special offer. Visit https://federal-access.com/gamechangers today and get started for just $29. *You are going to get access to a digital copy of the Government Sales Manual. * Over 100 strategy videos * More than 30 webinars * 300 documents and templates AND * SME support. So when you run into an issue, you can email me directly for help. Go check out this special offer today at https://federal-access.com/gamechangers

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