TFP - Ep. 35: the Stephen O'Neill hour, SOS, '08 comeback, risky football


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Welcome to Ep. 35 of The Football Pod 2.0 - James O'Donoghue and Paddy Andrews are back talking Gaelic Football with Tommy Rooney. This is the Stephen O'Neill special, where the legendary Tyrone forward sits down for a brilliant chat - we also discuss the return of Jack McCaffrey and Paul Mannion plus the Irish boys winning in Australia! (00:30) – Kerry long for O'Connor, McCaffrey and Mannion return. (12:30) – The Stephen O'Neill special - angles, SOS, Tyrone chemistry (30:00) – Risky Football, the 08 comeback story, squad depth. (01:05:30) – quick-fire: favourite footballers, favourite boots, a word of advice. You can hear the podcast first in the 'The Football Pod' feed or also in the 'OTB GAA' feed - be sure to subscribe and leave us a review or comment if you enjoy! We want to hear your thoughts - use social media or email:

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