Maria Allgaier: What needs to be done to build a fair adult social network?


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Looking at the adult content industry, we see a wide variety of production studios, distribution platforms, performers, and an endless revenue stream. But as soon as we try to look behind the scenes, we discover many things nobody talks about: Performers that aren't paid well and get treated in a very unfair way, that need to do or accept actions they never consented to, and so much more. Maria Allgaier and her Helsinki-based startup FREYJA are working on changing that - and by doing that, they are building the first fair and safe adult social network.

What needs to be done to change a multi-billion-dollar-industry? And why do all those existing social networks still have issues with defining fair and realistic regulations for adult content? Maria Allgaier is working on those questions every day - and shared some interesting insights with us.

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