Agatha Gorski and Omar Mohammed: How to fight propaganda


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How much would you risk for freedom and facts?

The current situation in Ukraine proved once more that war is not only about weapons but about information, the distribution of facts, and propaganda. Over the past decade, Russia built up a system with thousands of people trying to manipulate public opinion via social media in countless countries worldwide. In Ukraine, it is more important than ever to have trustworthy sources for information and help - that's how The Shadows Project by Agatha Gorski and her co-founders was born.

But misinformation and propaganda are not a new phenomenon. The occupation of Mosul and many other areas in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant motivated Omar Mohammed to start a project known under the name Mosul Eye. The Historian risked his life by building and providing a platform for facts and accurate information about what was going on in and around the city.

Agatha Gorski and Omar Mohammed are what you could call a modern and digital version of freedom fighters. Both know how important democracy, freedom, and a free press are. Both are willing to risk almost everything to fight for those essential values.

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