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Funky Fool started dj’ing at the young age of 13. He first started as a bedroom dj exploring all the possibilities of his dj desk. He quickly wanted to reach more people with his music and mixes. At the age of 15 his first show was already with some big Belgian names like Vosky (DJ of the Party Harders – Pope of Dope),.. A dream came true and more bookings followed. First private parties and college bals, to bigger outdoor events. Then Funky Fool had his first gig in a club in January 2013, it was in the YOU NIGHT CLUB in Brussels (BE). He first did some warm-ups, quickly did some mid-night sessions and ended with 7 hour-long sets in this club. After starting at the YOU, he took the decks over from several other clubs like the Jeux d’Hiver (BE), B-CLUB (BE), Gotha Club Knokke (BE), FUSE CLUB (BE), LA MEZZA (BE),… His mixtapes have reached the top 5 on the iTunes Podcast Store (under his old name DJ RAPHI T.) and he already mixed with DJ's like AHZEE(USA), Mell Tierra(NL), DIMARO(BE), NEON (Tomorrowland & Tomorrowworld), MOONFLOWER (Tomorrowland), MISS ROXX, CHARLES VBV (Movida Corona Winner),Olivier Gosseries (FUN Radio), VOSKY, DJ Jeremix (Folie Douce Val Thorens),… He was asked to play a warm-up live on JIM TV (Belgian Music TV channel) for The Big Live with artist like Romeo Blanco, Martin Garrix, The Subs, Raving George, Mystique,… Always searching for new and fresh tunes, Funky Fool brings you his monthly mixtape on Soundcloud and iTunes. Described as a ‘new talent’ his next bookings will insure a crazy future ! He’s now 19 and his first track named Godzilla is a collaboration between Ar2r & Klaud is released on Liftoff recordings on 18th of March 2014. He’s ready to break the house down at every club and festival. Watch out Funky Fool is coming at you!

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