Ep 19 - The Thin White Eye of the Duck - Twin Peaks: The Return, parts 1&2


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The stars turn and a time presents itself for Craig and James to emerge from their re-enactment of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s internment in the Black Lodge. Pour a celebratory joe as they dish up a podcast feast worthy of the Double R, looking back on the monumental first two parts of Twin Peaks: The Return and discussing them in the context of the entire series. Joining them in their bid to compile a detailed dossier is the intrepid Alan Todd of the Big Glasgow Comic Page and Podcast. With a Blue Rose podcast task force duly assembled, a pondering of Lynch & Frost’s greatest mysteries ensues:

What exactly are the logistics of Judy? Is DoppelCooper ultimately undone by his poor drawing skills? What is the symbolism of insurance? Is Lucy the cosmic gatekeeper? Are Richard and Linda avatars of two different strands of occult philosophy? Does the entirety of The Return take place inside one single, simultaneous moment – a Coop Loop, if you will? Why Chip got no phone? How is the Roadhouse booking these acts? How did Madchen Amick deliver that line with a straight face?

PLUS – Bonus chat on recent TV viewings, a format-breaking edition of riffSobriety, and healthy refills of the usual chuckles!

Until FernARMda Lira and The Chev-wrongs play the Roadhouse, let’s not overthink this opportunity.


00:00:00 – Hello, Agent Cooper
00:04:00 – James thinks Fargo is cool
00:05:30 – Craig thinks ¿Quién mató a Sara? is cool
00:09:25 – Alan thinks YouTube is cool
00:11:15 – riffSobriety: Go Ahead and Die

00:18:15 – Anticipating The Return; The Return’s relationship to “the real world”; some thoughts on The Secret History
00:48:12 – Deep dive into parts 1&2

Big Glasgow Comic Page & Podcast:

Super Dacob maps the journey of Cooper’s FBI pin:

Crowley: The Left-Hand Path—The Black Brothers:

All music referenced on our podcast can be found on the fSobriety Jukebox playlist:

Go Ahead And Die – Truckload Full of Bodies:

Beneath The Drums with Iggor Cavalera:

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