Episode 105 - A parcel of drinks - Parcel


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In previous episodes, we’ve talked a lot about bundling JavaScript, but we haven’t talked a lot about Parcel. In this episode, we are joined by Maia Teegarden, Will Binns-Smith, and Devon Govett to talk with us about Parcel JS. Guests: Maia Teegarden - @padmaia Will Binns-Smith - @wbinnssmith Devon Govett - @devongovett Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Augustus Yuan - @augburto Stacy London - @stacylondoner Picks: Maia Teegarden - Don’t Let Get You Down by Wajatta Maia Teegarden - It Is What It Is by Thundercat Will Binns-Smith - Take a break - PTO WFH Will Binns-Smith - Dokku Devon Govett - Breville Bambino+ Devon Govett - Fork Ryan Burgess - Kim's Convenience Ryan Burgess - Master Class Augustus Yuan - The Half of It Augustus Yuan - Parcel T-Shirt Stacy London - Uunnrreeaall by Sun Glitters Stacy London - Breathtaker by Geotic

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