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On episode #22, From Depression to Expression I welcome this weeks guest Andreea Tamas. Andreea is a SoulCare and Transitions coach. Join us as Andreea shares her story of her partner's transition to the other side. How the experience taught her the art of giving selfless love and that Humans are built to receive and give love.

Andreea is in love with Life and People. She is a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with John Maxwell, a Reiki Practitioner, a Soulcare Coach specializing in Akashic Records, and, soon will be a certified NLP coach. After moving from Romania to the USA in 2014, she worked in management consulting but since 2019 she has been focused on her coaching business because she recognized she was not in alignment with her most divine path, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in the corporate world.

Another shift came in April 2022, when she lost her life partner after a long and hard cancer journey. As part of his legacy, she now helps those experiencing these painful and challenging changes so that they can find beauty and divinity even while they are experiencing the difficulty of it.

Her mission now is to take you through the most needed and sacred transition, moving from scarcity, overthinking, and brain fatigue into the connection with your higher self, from which your unique legacy can fully blossom and build a life by design. She guides people experiencing change whether they want to move to a new country or place, change their job, start their business or go through a loss. She helps you activate your power and rewire your brain so you can show up in your life with confidence and certainty.

She speaks Romanian, English, Italian, and Spanish and loves traveling to experience culture and connection. Andreea has always been interested in knowing the meaning of life and is all about LOVE and VIBES.

Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

  • Don’t judge your human experience.
  • Experiences are only chapters.
  • How do you want to write this chapter of your life?

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