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Welcome to Hema Patel. A RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) partitioner with decades of coaching experience. She shares with us the ups and downs from her life and opens up, for you my audience, on her period of her own depression and how she came out of it with minimal use of antidepressant drugs.

She describes herself as Rebellious and a Growth Seeker that loves teal. She loves the blue and green mix, from nature, water and earth. It’s darker than turquoise, more moody and intriguing.

We got to talk about:

  • Reading & consuming more than producing and how that changed
  • Her introduction to RTT
  • What is RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), Hypnotherapy, deep relaxation and conversation with our subconscious mind
  • Her story of the Fear of “Not Being Safe” when being visible to the world
  • Universal Intelligence
  • Her short career in a girl band at the age of 21
  • How she ended up in Depression and how she came out of it
  • Singing in a choir helped her to get out of depression
  • Opposite of depression isn’t happiness it’s purpose
  • Her commitment at age 11/12 “I am her to maximise life of others”
  • Self Love + Self Expression = Abundance
  • 2 ways to build confidence. Do things you think you are not good at & Do things you are…
  • When the brain encounters blame, fear, shame, guilt & doubt. We experience pain
  • We receive Peace from forgiveness acceptance, compassion, truth (FACT) when we add passion and purpose
  • Feeling all our feelings. Make friends with all of them. Reopen the closed doors to your castle
  • Expression from the Soul. Emotions are like a satellite navigation telling us how close we are to our purpose. Our souls way to communicating with us, how we are doing on our path
  • How to find purpose? Find joy in your purpose

Hema’s process for a better life GAME:

Gratitude, Affirmation, Meditate and Exercise

Reach out:

Reset and Rediscover

IG: Resetandrediscover

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LinkedIN: Hema Patel Reset & Rediscover


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