#011 Suezanna Zenani pt. 2 - Let Love Guide You


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This is the 2nd episode with Suezanna Zenani. If you haven’t listened to the 1st one please check it out. In this interview Suezanna shares her story from depression and low energy to express herself. How love and work on herself has enabled her to grow to who she is now. Enabled her to help other women to grow and love themselves. The story starts with her returning back to Denmark and 6 weeks pregnant, no apartment and job living on the couch of a friend. How the worst case for her being without the father of her son turned out to be one of the best things in life for her.

Here a few deep thoughts she shares.

  • How depression felt to her. Sad, empty, feeling nothing matters in life. Life being pointless
  • Anxiety and the constant unease in her body, making it impossible to sit still in her own presence
  • The only pleasure she had was being in the water or watching the TV show “Vild med dans”
  • Having suicide thoughts, and how life changed when she pushed herself to go for walks outside
  • The birth of her son healing her more
  • The decision to change her situation and meeting a life-coach
  • That 2 hour session with a life coach showed her what she always wanted to do
  • Taking pictures of powerful women and helping them with help of photography to grow and grow their self-love
  • Limiting beliefs and how she has worked on them. One by one
  • Limiting beliefs are a huge chance for growth. Seeing and being aware is half of the work. The second part is to shift and replace them with powerful beliefs
  • Who Suezanna was 10 years ago and who she is now. From Naiver and a follower waiting for things to happen, to be the one that chooses and creates her reality
  • Zenani’s rituals, dancing, mantras and photography
  • Why we wear masks
  • Her heart cards

Advice to heal and grow:

  • Create your own mantras. “Find the words that truly resonate with you.”
  • Create your own vision. Make it big enough so it creates resistance but still can be reached, you can taste it, feel it.
  • Then practice, practice, practice every day to get closer. It is important that you can feel your vision.

Reach out:

  • Zenani.dk (In January 2022 a new 6 week course starts)
  • FB Group Zenani Univers

Link to the first Episode

#010 Suezanna Zenani pt 1 - Recognizing Limiting Patterns

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