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In this episode we talk about two Near Death Experiences Cara had and how they influenced her life. How she saw the world as a young kid with an NDE. The second one was in her adult hood and left her with a brain damage that caused her life to change completely. Not being able to function as before and learning to rely on intuition and living in the present. After meditating for many years she suddenly couldn’t do that anymore. The one things she was able to do was to sit in a chair and embrace the pain. The light was too bright and the birds sung too loud.

Even going into a grocery store became a fearful situation as she got completely overwhelmed from the lights and sounds.

This situation put her into a life of living in the now. She couldn’t rely on planing as she would forget it. Yet everything worked out, and she never was late paying her bills or missed out meeting the right people. With that we get to hear some nice stories that happened by living from intuition and doing what came into her present moment. Such as the encounters she had with aborigines and a gift with fulgurites from her garden she gave to the Dalai Lama.

Not to forget we get to talk also about expression. And hers are paintings, the latest adding are paintings created in candle light on her porch where she captures the energy forces and movements she sees in the universe.

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