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n this episode we have Chistopher Lembke coach and podcast host from “The Alchemy Experience”. We go deep on the Alchemy of self finding and changing your life. Being aware of yourself, and become the observer of your experience. We talk about the different times Christopher has been depressed and how he handled the situations. What helped him to wake up, to be able to change his life and see the path ahead of him. As well of how he is able to help others to find themselves and start to express authentically without fear.

Another deep discussion on the theme of depression and how to utilise the learnings to grow and become stronger on the way to become your true self and are able to unapologetically express yourself authentically.

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Coaching Workshop: www.thealchemyexperience.co.uk/

8 weeks course: www.theinfinity.life/

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Books we talked about:

- Rhonda Byrne - “Magic”

- Don Miguel Ruiz -“The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”

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