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Welcome to Ekaterina Sophia wellness coach and owner of “Peace of Mind” - Online Wellness Studio.

In this episode you will get to know Ekaterina personally. She shares openly her path of finding joy and growth. How she came to learn Reiki, meditation and other modalities for healing traumas, depression and other blocks in life. How and why she became a wellness coach and we get some actionable tips from her. The Do’s and Don’t’s that work for her.

This episode is meant as a get to know Ekaterina episode and to tease the different modalities she teaches and coaches with. In our future episodes we’ll be talking about the other 3 Modalities.

  1. Meditate
  2. Heal
  3. Create

A show for anyone that wants to get to know Ekaterina, wants to learn about food and mental health, vegan habits, causes of depression, prayer and mediation, breaking habits, what self empowerment can bring to you, a bit on energy healing and what self expression is. How to become authentic.

If you have any feedback or questions please reach out to Ekaterina or me.

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