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On this week’s show I sit down and have a conversation with Baz Porter, A business coach who helps entrepreneurs scale their business to seven figures. Baz talks about his ability to tap into the quantum field at a young age but forced to try to fit into society’s norm. He talks about how he suppressed this gift how it did not resurface again for many years after struggling through life. From being bullied as a child, and how serving in the British Army and how these experiences left him with PTSD, anxiety and severe depression. Baz tells us how he attempted to control these things by masking them with substances like alcohol and drugs. Finally reaching his lowest point did this gift unfold again. We also talk about reprogramming negative patterns, and how being a “witness” without reaction can serve as a powerful tool for growth. Play witness and let the journey unfold, surrender to the vortex/energy. Baz shares his stories of travels all around the world. Including his travels of 33 of the US states, often penniless only with trust and faith in that the Universe had his back. Baz tells how surrendering to the vortex brought him to meet the Love of his life, now his wife. Stay tuned till the end because you don’t want to miss Baz’s 5 top books and a full description of his call to action.

Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

What is written becomes reality. What is real is lived in every present moment. Create a story about what you want in the present but write about what your life will be, the present the middle and the end. No time limit or frame just write something. You will see that there are key words, highlight these key words. So you can reread consistently to generate a new system. A version Baz credits to mind mapping.

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