It Is Your Right To Be Extraordinary: Mindset for Success with Former NFL Superbowl Champion Ryan Harris


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Ryan Harris is a 10-year veteran of the NFL. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2007 and later won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. However, it wasn't always rings and championships for the former offensive tackle. Ryan had 9 surgeries over the course of his professional football career and has faced numerous other obstacles throughout his life. In order to overcome this adversity, Ryan learned how to develop his mindset by using mantras such as "I can, I am, I will."

He is passionate about inspiring others to reach for greatness, educating those around him about financial literacy. He believes that “It is your right to be extraordinary," and that when we embrace that right, we create positive change in the world. In his view, it is when we commit to educate ourselves, invest in our communities and act on our passions that real change happens.

Ryan played college football at the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with two degrees, one in Economics and Policy and the other in Political Science. Ryan is a practicing Muslim, from Minnesota, and currently resides with his family in Denver, CO.

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