David Dodge: From Drugs and Crime to a Second Chance and $20k per Month from Rental Properties


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David Dodge, real estate investor, coach, and host of the Discount Property Investor podcast, joins Jamie to discuss his journey from drugs, crime and facing time in prison to becoming a successful real estate investor with 90 rental properties and counting. The tragedy and trials faced during the first two decades of his life positioned him to maximize his second chance and develop into a wholesaling and discount property investing expert. Get ready to learn how to avoid the mistakes he made, capitalize on the most profitable real estate investment methods and the key steps to become a successful real estate investor.

Tune in as Jamie and David discuss:

  • The real estate investing mistake he made for 10 years that you need to know so you can avoid making it.
  • How he was able to do 750 wholesale deals in 7 years.
  • What led him to become a full-time real estate investor.
  • The real estate investing method that allows him to rapidly acquire assets with little to no money.
  • The challenges he faced after losing both his parents before age 18.
  • How he avoided a 7-year prison sentence in his 20s.
  • What enabled him to begin investing in real estate while in college.
  • The primary advantages of buying properties at a discount.
  • The first step you must take if you want to be a successful real estate investor.
  • Three things successful real estate investors do to remain profitable.
  • Where he finds 97% of the 100 purchases he averages each year.
  • The best way to buy discounted properties.

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