Abundance through Instability and Loss with Homeschooler and Investment-Club Creator Emma Powell


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Emma Powell is a wife, mother, homeschooler of 6, and commercial real estate investor in Utah who has been featured in Business Insider and who has appeared as a guest on over 40 podcasts, including the BiggerPockets podcast. However, this is the first podcast where Emma was brought to tears.

We dive into the years leading up the COVID-19 pandemic, which were a real struggle for Emma and her family. We discuss the instability of her husband’s employment, the passing of her father, her brother’s devastating cycling accident, her own health challenges, and recent the passing of her sister’s teenage son. We also discuss how Emma lost a lot of money from one real estate deal and why she pivoted to creating an investment club.

Some other key topics & takeaways:

  • Big rocks vs. little rocks analogy for prioritizing
  • Her shifting priorities (away from scaling actively)
  • Unschooling, a form of homeschooling - Nonviolent Communication (book)
  • Her son’s autism How to focus on what you can control
  • Her real estate business
  • Challenges with raising capital and scaling a real estate business
  • Pivoting to creating an investment club as opposed to raising capital from LPs and GPs
  • The importance of communication
  • How to get away from the victim mentality





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