#straightfromcait: Is It Possible to Rest Without Feeling Like a Terribly Guilty Lump?


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If your car were a person (and let’s be honest, don’t most of us name our cars?), would it feel guilty for using up a tank of gas and needing more? The logical answer is no: our cars are designed to use fuel! And while we humans are much more complex than machines, our energetic systems function in much the same way. Just as we are designed to be on the move, we are also designed to rest.

In today’s #straightfromcait episode, I dive deep into the logic behind rest: why we need it and why it is crucial to rejuvenate before running ourselves down to empty. Learn how to begin identifying the signals that you’re getting low on fuel, why rest is energetically productive, and how to feel guilty AND still get rest.

Then, I invite you to comment either in our Facebook group or on any of the posts that accompany this week’s episode and share something that refuels you! Let’s inspire each other with our ideas about what feels like rest, so we can motivate each other to reset and rejuvenate.


• “I am ok with you using your gas tank until you’re empty, but you should still have those 47 spare miles in the tank as you go to the gas station to fill up. So, it’s ok for you to use your energy, but it’s not ok for you to use so much of it that you need to call AAA again because you’re on the side of the road and you didn’t make it to a gas station.” (03:48-04:16)

• “By resting and refueling your energy before you get to the critical zone, you end up saving yourself time.” (05:22-05:34)

• “Rest is not a reward. It isn’t something that needs to be deserved. You literally use up your gas, and you need to refuel. It’s just part of how this machine works.” (06:12-06:20)

• “When you are refueling, when you are resting, you are being productive….It is more productive to refuel when you need the gas than it is to putter out on the highway and wait two hours for a rescue.” (07:43-08:03)

• “While we are more than machines, our energetic systems function much the same way.” (09:51-09:58)






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