#straightfromcait: Death By Burnout. The Head to Toe List of Severe Health Issues


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Many people do not fully understand the gravity of burnout and the devastating effects that it can have in both the long and short term. In an effort to illuminate the head to toe list of severe health issues that burnout can cause, I recently asked members of my Facebook and Instagram communities to share their biggest and most shocking burnout symptoms.

On today’s #straightfromcait episode, I read a list of these responses, which powerfully speak to the severity of burnout rock bottom. Some of items on this list include:

• Vision loss

• Trigeminal Neuralgia (severe nerve pain to the face)

• Suicidal ideations

• Near death experiences

• Three months (!!) of strep throat

• And many more...

As this partial list demonstrates, burnout is not a joke. Instead, if it is not addressed properly, it can become the catalyst for a wide range of shocking health issues. If you are an employer, it is crucial that you properly support any and all employees who may be suffering from burnout. And if you’re not sure where to start, I can help. Just visit my website, linked in the show notes, to learn more.


• “I asked all of you recently...to share your biggest and most shocking symptoms with me with the hopes that this information compiled in one easy place, you can use it to reach ears outside of just the burnt out amongst us.” (01:33-01:50)

• “Somebody might have a genetic predisposition to bipolar disorder that was not activated for any reason in their lives. And burnout activated it in their lives.” (03:18-03:30)

• “Panic attacks feel like a heart attack. Panic attacks make you feel like you’re dying. This is really really scary stuff.” (05:08-05:15)

• “Most commonly, the pattern that I hear is this: ‘I knew I didn’t actually want to die, but I couldn’t bear living anymore, so I started imagining driving off a road or falling off a cliff or jumping in front of a bus. And maybe I wouldn’t die, but maybe I’d get some time in a hospital, so I could rest.’” (05:25-05:45)

• “‘I was afraid that I’d be found dead at my desk. I was literally working myself to death.’” (07:10-07:16)

• “What we’re talking about with burnout is really severe illness, possible inability to function and death. We are not talking about just being a little bit tired. We’re talking about bodies physically breaking down in various ways under the pressure of stress.” (09:34-09:54)

• “When somebody comes and says that they’re burnt out, it needs to be taken seriously….A week or two weeks or even four weeks of time off is not going to solve someone’s burnout.” (10:08-10:47)





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