Round 37 - Mythical Creatures


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This week the girls take aim at... Mythical Creatures

Sarah opens with the night's topic introduction and a couple of examples of what a mythical creature is for those who have been living under rocks. She then jumps straight into her subject of the night, the Satyr, and talks a little about what they are, how they have changed over the years, and the difference between a Satyr and a faun.
Bianca is the meat in the sandwich this week and jumps eagerly into her segment about the Jackalope. She talks about where you can find them, how they got their name, the history behind them and so much more.
Amy is let out of her cage to finish us up with her segment on the Greek mythical creature called the Harpy. She talks about who and what they are as well as their hobby's, interests, and where they are said to have originated from.
We would like to thank Bianca's co-worker Megs for inspiring this week's topic.
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