The Last Container on the Left EP369 WHAT THE TRUCK?!?


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On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to dray trucker, NJ Port Girl, about the nightmare congestion situation drivers are contending with at the ports of NY/NJ. She’ll also give women advice on getting their authority and building their own trucking business.

Colin Landforce, chief technology officer at Unrivaled Brands, is building one the strongest cannabis distribution networks in the U.S. We’ll learn about the logistics and M&A that are lighting up that sector.

Brad Gillette, head of operations at Gatik, talks about the company's new deal with Ryder System to build a nationwide autonomous delivery network.

Plus, we’ll go deeper inside the newsletter and talk about the results of '24/7' measures at SoCal ports; debunk the CARB/AB5 conspiracy; and discuss a questionable offer from a VR-based adult entertainment company aiming to reward port workers.

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